Strength and Conditioning – The B.A.R. Method

No more average. No more settling. No more wishing.

Benecore programming is what you need to spark the transformation of a lifetime. Lets us help you optimize your athletic performance and surpass your competition. Strength and Conditioning programs are optimal for athletes who are looking to reduce their risk of injury, enhance their performance and reach the podium. Strength programs allow you to build lean muscle mass, improve your relative and absolute strength, boost your cardiovascular system , as well as helping to improve bone density, posture and body alignment.


Hi! We are Josh & Justine

Our mission is to provide participants an opportunity to live the healthy lifestyle that they envision. Our aim is to provide diverse training programs that both support and encourage our participants to experience what it is like to live life without limitations.

Our mission is to empower, support, educate, improve the quality of life & sport performance for all our participants. Doing so by utilizing our skills to provide innovative, functional, and empowering programs.

Participanting in our programs means we are supporting you, through-out your entire journey, building a meaningful relationship and developing a lifelong commitment to your overall health & well-being including both body and mind.

Personal Training

Drop In Classes

Online Courses

Get to know our team, of highly qualified trainers. Learn about our pricing & packages and get ready to change your life.

Drop in to any of our amazing HIIT, Bootcamp’s, or MIT classes. Each class provides an energy boost that will kick-start your day!

 Exercise anytime, anywhere with our online courses. We offer several online courses including suspension Training, Strength & Conditioning 55+ , or our 8% Challenge which is offer twice a year.

Registered Workshops

8% Lose to Win Challenge

We offer a variety of registered workshop that we offer. Strength & Conditioning 55+, Build your own Bootcamp, our Running Program & more. Find the one the best suites your needs, prices may vary.

Next programs starts September 1, 2020. This program is offered twice a year. It is a 12 Week group weight loss program where you get the chance to get paid to get in shape.

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