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Drop-In Class Schedule2020-03-18T20:18:50-07:00
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Drop – In Classes


A 45 minute high intensity interval training workout where you get your sweat on. This class requires short burst of max effort, followed by active recovery. These workouts are great for getting your heart pumping and burning fat fast.

These classes are high energy  & high intensity, perfect for getting your sweat when your crunched for time.


This 1 hour circuit style workout utilizes a variety of equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX’s, exercise balls, medicine balls & more. We provide a variety of progressions that can be modified for every level. This is a high energy, fun & welcoming environment.

Suspension Training

a 45 minute class where all levels welcome. Suspension training uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. We use a suspension training, a training tool that leverages gravity the the participants body weight to complete the exercises.

Strength Plus

The main focus on this class is building strength. We utilize a variety of equipment such as, free weights, barbells, resistance bands, and suspension trainers.

Power Hour

As we age we lose power faster than we lose strength. This emphasizes the importance of training to build explosive power. During this class we work on power, speed, coordination. Learn how to properly jump & maintain flawless form.

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